Marja Korhonen:
Marja’s Angels
Marja’s Angels, a sequel to Marja Korhonen’s much-loved novels, is another book you just can’t put away. Locked-in syndrome has deprived her of her ability to move and speak, but her eyes talk loud and clear, and now also talk the people around her, the real life Angels.
Marja Korhonen is known for her unique life, which she has documented in her two previous novels, Häivähdyksiä – erityinen elämäni / Reflections – My Special Life in 2014 and Sydämeen tatuoitu / Tattooed in My Heart in 2017). Marja’s Angels is a sequel to these novels, from a little different perspective. This time she lets her readers join in the special bond between her and her Angels.
Korhonen doesn’t shy away from her everyday life but openly writes about the funniest of incidents and even the most painful experiences. All typed with a mouse attached to her forehead and moved by her eyes.
Marja’s Angels takes a look at the unusual and challenging year 2020. It’s a fascinating story about friendship, the highs and lows of feelings, willingness to help, a small community called work place, and life’s joys and sorrows, big and small. With Marja, there is never a dull moment.
When the employer of eleven women, all equipped with a totally different personality, is paralyzed and mute, also determined and gutsy, the corner stone of a great working relationship is mutual respect and understanding between Marja and her Angels.
Korhonen is a teacher, special education teacher, author and lecturer. She has published also a novel Karhunpesä / Bear’s Den (2019).
Korhonen lives in Saarijärvi, Finland.